World premiere of the world’s first commercial EME device at Analytica in Munich

ETN AS is exited to welcome you to the world premiere for XTN-10 EME, the worlds first commercial EME device (Hall A1 409).

EME provides rapid extraction, efficient sample clean-up and high selectivity for ionizable compounds from blood, other body fluids and environmental samples. Under optimized conditions, EME can provide pure samples for mass spectrometry directly, without need for further separation by using chromatography.

By visiting us at Analytica (Hall A1 409) you will have the opportunity to be the first in the world that will see XTN-10 EME and get the opportunity to pre-order the first edition of the product.

Short and simple:

  • Under optimized conditions, no further chromatographic separation is required pure extracts can be injected directly into high-resolution mass spectrometers.
  • No need for protein precipitation or phospholipid removal
  • Low power consumption, and almost no need for organic solvents makes EME an economic and green option compared to other pre-sample methods
  • Your valuable sample is intact after extraction.