Our goal is simple. We're on a mission to disrupt the status quo and innovate sample preparation.

Extraction Technologies Norway AS

Some of the most successful companies in the world today were started in a garage …

… the startup of ETN AS did not make it all the way into the garage, the idea was too mind blowing for a small garage, so it was started in the parking lot between the physics department and the pharmaceutical department at the University campus in Oslo, Norway in 2009.
Two scientists that previously shared laboratory facilities during their graduation met by a coincidence in this parking lot. One of them; Roger Trones had become a businessman, and the other one; Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard had become a professor at the pharmaceutical department. Stig and his colleague prof. Knut Rasmussen had invented and turned into a patent application a technology they called Electromembrane Extraction. They were now in a desperate need for a significant sum of money to support the patent application before it hit a crossroad that would be quite cash consuming. Stig told Roger about this situation and they agreed to meet asap. In the following meeting they reached an agreement and therefore the patent application survived.

The technology that formed the basis for this patent application was not possible to commercialize, and it took another 4 years of trial and error before the technology was at a point where Innovation Norway agreed that it needed its own company. Innovation Norway then helped birth Extraction Technology Norway AS, and the company was set up in October 2013.

Since then, Roger Trones and his coworkers Trond Løvli and Tyge Greibrokk have by extensive research been able to get two patents that form the basis for this launch of a new and revolutionary product range that hopefully will cause a paradigm shift in clinical hospitals around the world. The essence of this technology is turned into the item that Roger (left) and Stig (right) are holding in the picture.

Company Timeline

We're just getting started.

The first meeting
The first meeting at the parking lot at UIO with Stig
Working full time
Trond Løvli started working full time in the project
Patent application
GTS first patent application
Base patent granted
Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard and Knut Rasmussen’ base patent granted
ETN AS established
ETN AS was established with start-up help from Innovation Norway
Patent granted
GTS first patent granted
Patent application
ETN’s first patent application
Patent granted
ETN’s first patent granted
5,3 million grant
GTS/ETN receives a 5,3 mill grant from the Norwegian Research Council
First commercial prototype
First commercial prototype to be launched in Q4 2020/Q1 2021.

Meet the team


Roger Trones
Chief Executive Officer
Tyge Greibrokk
Chief Scientific Officer
Trond Løvli
Head of Development

Board of Directors

Tyge Greibrokk
Jon Ola Frankplads
Board member
Trond Løvli
Board member
Dimitrios Mantzilas
Board member

Scientific Advisory board

Elisabeth Leere Øiestad
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy - UiO
Herald Reiersen
Head of Research and Innovation, Helgeland Hospital
Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard
Professor, Department of Pharmacy - UiO
Ørjan Grøttem Martinsen
Professor, Department of Physics - UiO

EME in Japan

Because Asia is an important market, we have decided to set up a Japanese operation named Extraction Technologies Japan (ETJ) together with two Japanese consultants
Atsushi Tsunomura
Bachelor of Engineering (Medical Electronics) from Tamagawa University
Kazuyuki Takama
Master of Biotechnology from Flinders University (Australia)