Code of Conduct

Ethics and Compliance at ETN AS – Key Principles

ETN AS shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conduct its business with integrity, respecting cultures, dignity, and rights of individuals everywhere.
ETN AS strives to ensure that our suppliers and sub-suppliers share our commitment to Corporate Responsibility. Our Suppliers are expected to adhere to standards which are consistent with ETN AS key principles for safety, integrity, and sustainability.

Compliance with Laws

ETN AS will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, act ethically and in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. We will respect internationally recognized human rights.

Corruption and Improper Payments

ETN AS will not take part in any form of corruption. We will not request, accept, or receive any improper advantage to allocate business or other advantages in the conduct of business.

Gifts, Hospitality and Expenses

ETN AS does not accept any gifts from its suppliers. We will therefore not offer gifts and other favours to our suppliers, employees, representatives, partners, or anyone closely related, except for promotional items of minimal value. Gifts, hospitality, expenses, or other favours shall never be offered or received in connection with contract bidding, evaluation, or award.

Conflict of Interest

ETN AS will not take part in or seek to influence any decision in circumstances that can give rise to an actual or perceived conflict of interest. If we become aware of potential conflict of interest, we will notify our suppliers without delay.

Health and Safety

ETN AS will work ambitiously, through continuous improvement, for a healthy, safe, and secure work environment which as a minimum is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


ETN AS will work to minimise negative impacts on the environment, taking into consideration the full life cycle of our products. We will work to achieve energy efficiency and minimize harmful discharge, emissions, and waste production. We will comply with national environmental legislation and discharge permits.

Minimum Age of Labour

ETN AS will not employ children below the age of 16. We shall secure that persons under the age of 18 do not perform any hazardous work.

Forced Labour

ETN AS will not engage or employ people against their own free will, nor engage or employ people through any form of forced, bonded or prison labour.

Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining

ETN AS shall recognise our employees’ rights to form and join trade unions and to be represented in collective bargaining agreements, and equally their right to remain non-unionised.

Employment Practices

ETN AS will comply with local law and agreements regarding our employees and their rights.


ETN AS will treat our employees and hired labour equally and fairly. We will not accept any form of harassment or discrimination based on age, gender, religion, or any other reason.