We are proud to present world´s first EME instrument.

Extraction kits

With ETN-12 EME

you get a one-piece set-up for one sample, consisting of the sample vial, a membrane and the acceptor vial.
By adding a liquid solvent to the dry membrane, you get a Supported Liquid Membrane (SLM). This flat membrane EME technology has been protected by several patents.
World´s first commercial EME instrument


offers a unique, efficient and a green sample preparation method to extract target molecules from complex matrices.

Advantages with ETN-12 EME:
- Standardizing EME
- Environmentally friendly
- Fast and selective
- Multi sample capable
- Single step sample preparation
Future product

ETN is working on the development of

a 96-well plate system that allows for a high number of samples to be extracted in parallel and the option to automatization by robotic liquid handling systems.
This unique system will address the need for high through-put of samples.