We are proud to present world's first EME instrument.

Product Features


offers a unique, efficient and a green sample preparation method to extract target molecules from complex matrices.
Standardizing EME
We’ve standardized the EME process, making it perfect for R&D and application development.

Complete extraction kit
For an easy ETN-12 EME use, we provide you with an extraction kit containing: vials, membranes, unions and vial holder.

Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly sample ­preparation ­method due to low power ­consumption and almost no need for organic solvents.

Fast and selective
EME offers fast and selective sample extraction of ­ionizable compounds from your complex matrices.

Multi sample capable
12 samples can be extracted in parallel. In future devices, it will also be possible to use 96-well plates.

Single step sample preparation
With ETN-12 EME, your sample preparation will require only one single step to achieve pure extracts ready for analysis.
Extraction Kits
Extraction Kits

With ETN-12 EME

you get a one-piece set-up for one sample, consisting of the sample vial, a membrane and the acceptor vial.
By adding a liquid solvent to the dry membrane, you get a Supported Liquid Membrane (SLM). This flat membrane EME technology has been protected by several patents.
96-Well Support

ETN is working on the development of

a 96-well plate system that allows for a high number of samples to be extracted in parallel and the option to automatization by robotic liquid handling systems.
This unique system will address the need for high through-put of samples.
EME Database

Test our new EME-suitability tool

and see if EME is suitable for your analytes. If EME is suitable, suggested extraction conditions are provided or, if available, a schematic application note.
This unique system will address the need for high through-put of samples.

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