ETN-12 EME is officially lauched

ETN with its partners unveiled the world's first Electromembrane Extraction (EME) instrument, ETN-12 EME. ETN-12 EME offers a unique, efficient and a green sample preparation method to extract target molecules from complex matrices.

The launch took place at Analytica, one of the world's leading trade fairs for laboratory technology, analytics, and biotechnology. ETN AS chose this international platform to introduce their EME instrument, drawing attention from industry professionals, researchers, and technology enthusiasts worldwide.

ETN-12 EME has a numerous of features that set it apart from traditional extraction methods:

Environmentally friendly :
Environmentally friendly sample ­preparation ­method due to low power ­consumption and almost no need for organic solvents.

Fast and selective:
EME offers fast and selective sample extraction of ­ionizable compounds from your complex matrices

Single step sample preparation:
With ETN-12 EME, your sample preparation will require only one single step to achieve pure extracts ready for analysis.